Secrets and techniques Of An Superb Striped Large

maine coon tabby cat

Most Maine Coons have stripes of their fur. So the possibilities are, when you’ve been fortunate sufficient to satisfy one among these feline giants, it was a Maine Coon tabby cat. Tabby is the Maine Coon’s ‘unique’ sample, and a few Coon connoisseurs view stripes as an indication of a cat that’s stayed true to its roots. While different folks take a much less purist strategy. Whichever camp you fall into, do you know that Maine Coon tabby cats’ stripes aren’t all the identical? Some tabby patterns even have fairly a controversial standing throughout the Maine Coon neighborhood. So right here’s every thing that you must find out about why Maine Coons have tabby coats, and what their stripes are telling you.


What’s a Maine Coon tabby cat?

Maine Coons are immediately recognizable for his or her huge dimension, and lengthy, shaggy coats. Males continuously develop to over 20lbs and practically 4 toes lengthy from nostril to tail. They’re majestic and rugged, and their seems go away you with the impression that when you dropped one again into the wild, they’d scarcely bat an eyelid. However none of this can be a coincidence. From the earliest days of their improvement as a pedigree breed within the mid-Nineteenth century, breeders have prioritized their wild seems. Trying as ‘unspoiled’ as doable is taken into account extraordinarily fascinating, and a part of sustaining that pure look has been an ongoing debate about what coat colours and patterns are allowed.

maine coon tabby cat

The commonest Maine Coon coat is a brown tabby. The truth is it’s so ubiquitous that when Maine Coons first appeared, rumor had it they have been a cross between a home cat and a raccoon! Clearly it’s not the case, nevertheless it was such a well-liked thought on the time that Coon turned a part of their title without end. In actuality, Maine Coons inherited their tabby stripes straight from their true wild ancestor, the African wild cat. Tabby stripes are an efficient survival adaptation for African wildcats as a result of they break up the define of their form and assist them mix into their atmosphere. This makes it tougher for predators to identify them after they’re resting, and tougher for prey to identify them after they’re searching!

Traits of a Maine Coon tabby cat

I say tabby, you suppose ‘stripes’. However there’s a lot extra to tabby look than that. Subsequent time you see a Maine Coon tabby kitten, take time to understand:

  • The zig zag stripes forming a signature M on their brow.
  • The darkish ‘eyeliner’ pigment round their eyelids.
  • Their coloration coordinated paws – for instance brown tabbies have black or brown paw pads, blue tabbies have pink paw pads, and orange tabbies have brick purple paw pads.
  • Their nostril leather-based, which follows the identical coloration guidelines as their paws.
  • The paler fur on their stomach
  • And naturally, their stripes!

Kinds of Maine Coon tabby cat stripes

Tabby Maine Coons should not restricted to only the brown tabby stripes of their ancestors. Beside totally different colours, which we’ll come again to in a minute, tabby coats have additionally differentiated into a number of distinct stripe preparations over time. However there’s some disagreement between breed registries about which tabby variations are fascinating, and which aren’t. Listed here are the 4 stripe layouts for tabbies:

  • Mackerel
  • Traditional
  • Ticked
  • Noticed


Mackerel stripes are sharp and slender. In addition to the bands on their physique, legs and tail, go searching for the stripes that kind loops round a mackerel tabby cat’s neck, chest and shoulders, so it seems like they’re sporting a number of necklaces. Mackerel stripes are the ‘unique’ tabby sort of African wildcats too, which implies you’ll most likely meet extra mackerel Maine Coone tabbies than any of the opposite varieties.


Traditional tabby stripes are often known as blotched tabby stripes. They’re wider than mackerel tabby stripes, and so they typically merge collectively across the shoulder blades and alongside the highest of the again, in order that they seem like a cape.


Ticked tabby Maine Coons break the mildew as a result of they don’t have stripes on most of their physique. Fur which is ticked has a light-weight band on the backside of every hair, with a darkish pigmented tip. The result’s a barely shimmery, speckled look. They solely have a small variety of stripes on their legs and face, together with the inform story M on their brow. Traditionally, breed registries have been reluctant to embrace Maine Coons with ticked tabby coats. However, since this stripe sort is genetically dominant to the opposite three, it’s right here to remain. And in recent times some registries have even began judging them in their very own coloration class at breed exhibits – a real gesture of acceptance.


Noticed tabby coats have damaged stripes, so they seem as dots and dashes relatively than stable traces. They’re essentially the most uncommon stripe sort, as a result of the gene which causes them is masked by the presence of the gene for any of the stripe patterns above. Noticed Maine Coon tabby kittens occur, and they are often registered as purebred cats, however they’ll’t be entered into cat exhibits in the mean time.

Maine Coon tabby cat colours

The format of tabby Maine Coons’ stripes aren’t the one issues which have modified over time. As of late there are seven formally accepted colorways a tabby Maine Coon kitten might be registered with:

Title Stripe coloration Background coloration
Brown tabby Black Coppery brown
Silver tabby Black Pale grey
Pink tabby Darkish orange Gentle orange
Blue tabby Slate grey Pale grey
Cream tabby Buff brown Cream
Cream silver tabby Cream Off white
Cameo tabby Pink Off white

Tabby Maine Coon temperament

Lots of Maine Coon homeowners arrive for the scale, and keep for the character! They’re usually described as mild giants, and a few Maine Coons even take pleasure in profitable careers as Pets As Remedy cats. This breed loves contact with folks, and in contrast to the stereotype of an aloof kitty watching their household from a excessive perch, they like to be at floor stage, proper within the motion. In case your Maine Coon tabby kitten is allowed exterior after they’re older, you’re more likely to uncover that they’re additionally an ace hunter. Which is at odds with their placid demeanor and inside the house, however testomony to their mousing heritage.

Thus far, researchers haven’t discovered any organic proof {that a} Maine Coon tabby cat’s sample adjustments their temperament. However in surveys, tabby cat dad and mom are more likely to describe their pets as daring and lively than different homeowners of cats with different patterns, and fewer more likely to report shyness, or aggression. Solely time will inform precisely what hyperlink, if any, exists between a tabby coat and feline temperament. However regardless of the final result, their Maine Coon ancestry and the way you elevate them as a kitten will stay vital components that decide their character.

Caring for that coat

No matter sort of tabby coat your Maine Coon has, they are going to be grateful of a serving to hand in terms of grooming. Brush their fur proper right down to the pores and skin no less than twice every week to elevate out dust and particles, and take away tangles earlier than they’ll flip into mats. Pay particular consideration to the next locations, the place friction can shortly create knots:

  • Beneath their collar
  • Beneath their armpits
  • Contained in the tops of their again legs
  • And across the base of their tail

Maine Coons don’t normally want their fur reducing or clipping, except particularly advisable by a veterinarian.

Maine Coon tabby cat abstract

Brown and black mackerel stripes are the archetypal coat for a Maine Coon cat. A Maine Coon tabby cat has a tough and prepared look which displays their historical past as helpful hunters. Tons of people that love Maine Coons additionally love them with tabby coats, as a result of they appear essentially the most unchanged over time. However, there’s no tangible proof that having a tabby coat adjustments a Maine Coon’s character. In case you suppose your tabby kitten suits the mildew of a daring and lively feline, tell us within the feedback field down beneath!