Norwegian Forest Cat vs Siberian Cat

norwegian forest cat vs siberian cat

The Norwegian Forest cat vs Siberian cat have so many similarities that some suspect they’re distantly associated. Each breeds come from chilly climates with numerous snow, so that they every have very lengthy, dense coats. Whereas each cats do nicely with youngsters and are pleasant to individuals, the Siberian does higher with different family pets and has extra of a playful streak. Nevertheless, the Siberian can develop to be a lot bigger than the Norwegian Forest cat. If dimension is a matter, that’s one thing to contemplate.


They’re additionally thought of to be pure breeds, that means they weren’t bred by man. And whereas the Norwegian Forest cat is claimed to be one of many prime 5 hottest cats in France, the Siberian cat holds ranks as Russia’s nationwide cat! Each are usually wholesome breeds, however the Norwegian Forest cat is susceptible to extra hereditary diseases than his Siberian cousins.

Which Cat Is Greater?

Maybe one of the vital notable variations between the Norwegian Forest cat and the Siberian cat is dimension. Each breeds are giant breeds, however for those who put these two cats side-by-side, you’ll normally discover that the Siberian cat is noticeably bigger.

The Norwegian Forest cat can weigh wherever from 9 to 16 kilos, with males being a bit bigger and females being a bit smaller on the size. Nevertheless, the Siberian cat can weigh wherever from 15 to 25 kilos!

Nonetheless, each breeds develop up reasonably slowly. In reality, each Norwegian Forest cats and the Siberian cats could be practically five-years-old earlier than both one reaches their full dimension and weight!

Coats and Care

Since each the Siberian and the Norwegian Forest cat have related coats on the floor, it’s simple to miss the variances they’ve.

For those who endure from allergy symptoms, the Siberian could be a great choose for you. Whereas he isn’t actually hypoallergenic, it does look like he produces less Fel-D1 than most other cats. Fel-D1 is a compound within the cat’s saliva that triggers our allergy symptoms when it dries on dander and shed fur.

Fortunately, each the Siberian cat and the Norwegian Forest cat require solely average grooming, particularly when equated to different long-haired cats. A grooming session a pair occasions per week ought to preserve each the Siberian and the Norwegian Forest cat trying their greatest.

Norwegian Forest cat vs Siberian Cat Well being

Like all cat breeds, the Norwegian Forest cat and the Siberian are susceptible to well being points.

Despite the fact that the Siberian cat is primarily a wholesome breed as a result of reality there was little or no inbreeding all through his historical past, he nonetheless faces the commonest diseases of most cats, together with coronary heart illness, kidney illness, and hereditary cancers.

The Norwegian Forest cat can also be reasonably wholesome, though he’s susceptible to extra well being points than his Siberian counterpart. Diseases it is best to look out for within the Norwegian Forest cat embrace hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, hip dysplasia, and glycogen storage illness IV.

Variations between Siberian vs Norwegian Forest cat Temperament?

The Siberian continues to be thought of a uncommon breed of cat, particularly in the US. Regardless of being the nationwide cat of Russia, this massive cat wasn’t launched into America till the 1990’s. Nonetheless, don’t let that deter you from this pleasant, affectionate feline.

He’s rising in reputation all around the globe thanks not solely to his large dimension but in addition his playful, infectious disposition. He does excellently in houses full of individuals and kids, and even makes quick mates with canine and cats!

How Does Siberian Cat Character Examine?

Whereas for probably the most half mellow, the Siberian has a playful streak and can must be performed with each day to remain comfortable. However taking part in with him received’t be boring, as he’s susceptible to flipping and cartwheeling as he chases his toys across the dwelling.

The Norwegian Forest cat can also be stated to be chock-full of pizazz! Whereas he is usually a bit extra laid again than the Siberian, he enjoys being round his people and can comply with you from room to room, snoozing close to your ft or on the again of your chair.

That is an clever cat, recognized for studying tips and even partaking in mental kitty video games equivalent to puzzles! He does very nicely with members of the family of all ages and makes an exquisite cat for mild youngsters.

One factor to remember with the Norwegian Forest cat is he has some very thick, very lengthy, and really sharp claws that he makes use of to scale timber backward and forwards. He’s a wonderful climber and enjoys being outdoors, and this privilege shouldn’t be taken away from him.

Norwegian Forest Cat vs Siberian Cat - Which To Bring Home?