Egyptian Cat Names – 300 Implausible Names Impressed By Egypt

egyptian cat names

A number of years again, a novel burial web site was found in what’s now the Republic of Cyprus, as soon as below Egyptian rule. Inside this 9,500-year-old burial web site, archaeologists unearthed two mummies. One human and one cat. From all appearances, the cat was dwelling side-by-side with the human as a pet. The Egyptian Mau cat is the proud consultant of historic Egyptian felines in the present day. “Mau” actually means “cat” within the Egyptian language. That is mockingly much like the noise cats make! Within the lists of Egyptian cat names right here, you’ll meet all kinds of gods and goddesses, students and warriors. Every left their mark on the tradition of historic Egypt and trendy historical past.


Our High Concepts

Egyptian cats names are a fantastic nod to a few of civilization’s earliest and most well-known cat lovers. These are our prime Egyptian cat names:

  • Bahiti. (“fortune”)
  • Dalila. (“mild”)
  • Eshe. (“life”)
  • Khonsu. (“the traveller”)
  • Amun. (“thriller”)
  • Jahi. (“dignified”)
  • Hypatia. (Egyptian feminine thinker)
  • Alexandria. (metropolis in Egypt)
  • Masud. (“fortunate”)
  • Rashidi. (“sensible”)
  • Habiba. (“beloved”)
  • Kemnebi. (“panther”)
  • Kiwu. (“plump”)
  • Rasui. (“dreamer”)
  • Mayet. (“kitty” in Egyptian)
  • Miit. (“cat” in Egyptian)
  • Memphis. (capital metropolis of historic Egypt)
  • Sese. (“the vanquisher”)
  • Bes. (Feline-faced Egyptian god, protector of youngsters)
  • Anubis. (Egyptian god of the underworld)

Egyptian Cat Names

Selecting a reputation needs to be a enjoyable train. Simply scan by means of the lists of names beneath. Which names come out at you? Jot these down in your journal or in your cellphone e-notepad app. Be certain that to take your time. Take into consideration what every title means to you.

Then check out every title out of your shortlist along with your new kitty. Ultimately, one title will “stick. That could be your treasured feline’s new superior Egyptian cat title!

egyptian cat names

Impressed by Historic Egypt

These are 10 of the most effective Egyptian cat names. It’s possible you’ll acknowledge a few of them. A number of are actual characters from historical past. Others are legendary. Both means, they’re legendary! And, as cat names, they might be ideally suited.

  • Cleopatra. (well-known Egyptian queen)
  • Nefertiti. (well-known Egyptian queen)
  • Osiris. (well-known historic Egyptian god)
  • Plato. (well-known Greek scholar who studied extensively in Egypt)
  • King Tutankhamen. (“King Tut,” well-known Egyptian ruler)
  • Sphinx or Sphynx. (Egyptian mythological creature with lion physique and human head)
  • Isis. (well-known Egyptian deity and mom of Egyptian god Horus)
  • Bastet. (revered Egyptian goddess of motherhood who took a cat kind)
  • Ramses. (well-known Egyptian ruler)
  • Pharaoh. (time period meaning “Egyptian ruler”)

Feminine Egyptian Cat Names

Keep in mind, females in Egypt typically had simply as a lot energy as males. That’s a preferred indisputable fact that many in the present day like about historic Egyptians. Every authentically Egyptian feminine title is listed with its conventional which means.

  • Monifa. (“fortunate”)
  • Chione. (“daughter of the Nile”)
  • Aisha. (“peaceable”)
  • Ebonee. (the colour black)
  • Sarah/Sara. (“princess”)
  • Feme. (“love”)
  • Lapis. (a lovely blue gemstone favored by the traditional Egyptians)
  • Mandisa. (“candy”)
  • Safiya. (“pure”)
  • Shani. (“great”)
  • Nenet. (“divine”)
  • Salma. (“peace”)
  • Aya. (“magical angel”)
  • Heba. (“beneficiant reward”)
  • Jomana. (“noble”)
  • Rana. (“stunning”)
  • Aziza. (“treasured”)

Male Egyptian Cat Names

In historic Egypt, names had been historically reflective of:

  • household ties
  • persona traits
  • non secular devotion
  • deities
  • start order
  • different necessary points of the person’s life.

Usually, for much longer names had been shortened into nicknames. Simply attempt saying “Tutankhamen” 5 instances quick, and also you’ll see why! These conventional historic Egyptian boy names could be a fantastic match in your new Egyptian cat’s temperament, look, or lineage.

  • Kahotep. (“peaceable”)
  • Khalid. (“immortal”)
  • Mkhai. (“fighter”)
  • Nomti. (“robust”)
  • Ammon. (“thriller”)
  • Akil. (“good”)
  • Masudi. (“merry”)
  • Husani. (“good-looking boy”)
  • Kamuzu. (“a healer”)
  • Masud. (“success”)
  • Shakir. (“grateful”)
  • Sefu. (“sword”)
  • Nkosi. (“the legislation”)
  • Jabari. (“courageous”)
  • Mshai. (“the wanderer”)
  • Nephi. (“good son”)
  • Asim. (“protector”)

Cool Egyptian Cat Names

There’s a permanent delusion that Egyptians worshipped cats (and an equally enduring legend that cats by no means forgot this). Nevertheless, Egyptologists inform us the extra correct model varies. Residents of this historic civilization believed that every feline carried a little bit of the divine inside them.

For that reason, they believed holding firm with cats afforded them nice safety. This doubtless explains why so many recovered artifacts from this time interval are cat-themed and cat-shaped!

  • MerNeith. (well-known feminine Egyptian ruler)
  • Sobekneferu. (well-known feminine Egyptian ruler)
  • Twosret. (well-known feminine Egyptian ruler)
  • Kemet. (one other title for Egypt)
  • Manetho. (historic Egyptian priest)
  • Menes. (early Egyptian ruler)
  • Aten. (Egyptian phrase meaning “solar disk”)
  • Imhotep. (well-known historic Egyptian thinker)
  • Ptahhotep. (well-known historic Egyptian thinker)
  • Amenhotep. (well-known historic Egyptian thinker)
  • Seth. (Osiris’s brother)
  • Horus. (Osiris’s son)
  • Mut. (Egyptian mom goddess)
  • Maimonides. (Egyptian thinker)
  • Thoth. (Egyptian thinker)
  • Menhit. (Egyptian goddess of warfare)
  • Tahemet. (“queenie”)
  • Kyky. (“monkey”)

Cute Egyptian Cat Names

It’s uncommon certainly that the cuteness of cats might be summed up in only one phrase. However we expect these cute Egyptian cat names have a reasonably good shot at doing simply that!

  • Tabby. (conventional coloration sample for all historic Egyptian cats)
  • Nanu. (“cute”)
  • Nefret. (“beautiful”)
  • Lotus. (“flower”)
  • Halima. (“mild”)
  • Layla. (“night time”)
  • Hasina. (“good”)
  • Mandisa. (“candy”)
  • Mesi. (“water”)
  • Oni. (“needed”)
  • Sanura. (“kitten”)
  • Umayma. (“little mom”)
  • Urbi. (“princess”)
  • Zahra. (“flower”)
  • Akiki. (“pleasant”)
  • Dakarai. (“completely happy”)
  • Madu. (“of the individuals”)

Humorous Egyptian Cat Names

Cats might look noble and complicated as might be. However, as all cat lovers know, hidden inside each divine feline is a humorous, furry comic. These humorous Egyptian cat names could be excellent to explain your cat’s favourite pranks!

  • Kat. (“weight of measure”)
  • Panya. (“mouse”)
  • Adofo. (“fighter”)
  • Chigaru. (“hound”)
  • Gahji. (“hunter”)
  • Kosey. (“lion”)
  • Msamaki. (“fish”)
  • Nkuku. (“rooster”)
  • Oba. (“king”)
  • Sabola. (“pepper”)
  • Bennu. (Egyptian deity of creation, typically proven as a falcon)
  • Sepest. (Egyptian god who lives in a tree)
  • Moke. (“sweetened with honey”)
  • Gata. (“cat” in Greek)
  • Mekal. (“fierce devourer”)
  • Ishaq. (“he who laughs”)
  • Ialu. (“area of desires”)

Distinctive Egyptian Cat Names

These distinctive Egyptian cat names every give a touch of your kitty’s distinctive historical past and lineage. Many of those names are elegant and lyrical. Definitely not your common feline title decisions!

  • Votive. (Eygptian phrase for “favor” on the temple of Bastet)
  • Nefertum. (Egyptian goddess of candy smells)
  • Giza. (metropolis in Egypt the place the Sphinx is positioned)
  • Khafre. (human face on the Sphinx in Giza)
  • King Kufu. (Khafre’s father)
  • Hatshepsut. (Egyptian feminine ruler)
  • Stela. (stone slab between the paws of the Sphinx)
  • Thutmose. (Egyptian ruler who put in the Stela)
  • Cairo. (trendy capital metropolis of Egypt, means “the victorious”)
  • Gezira. (Egyptian island close to Cairo)
  • Sinai. (peninsula in Egypt)
  • Nile. (well-known river in Egypt)
  • Rosetta. (department of the Nile)
  • Damietta. (department of the Nile)
  • Aswan. (well-known Nile river dam)
  • Renenutet. (Egyptian goddess, giver of secret start names)
  • Anippe. (“daughter of the Nile”)

Powerful Egyptian Cat Names

Being feline in historic Egypt got here with a substantial amount of energy and privilege. A narrative is instructed relating to one epic battle with rival Persia. The Persian military painted cats on their shields. In addition they launched quite a few cats in entrance of the Egyptian troopers.

The Egyptian troopers surrendered rapidly. They didn’t need to threat offending their beloved cat goddess, Bastet, by inadvertently harming any of the cats! We’re unsure whether or not this story is totally true. Nevertheless it actually says loads about how Egyptians felt about cats!

These robust Egyptian cat names all take inspiration from historic Egypt’s personal mighty and highly effective place on the planet’s historical past.

  • Ra/Re. (Egyptian Solar god)
  • Sekhmet. (“Highly effective One,” Ra’s lion-headed daughter)
  • Ptah. (Sekhmet’s husband)
  • Geb. (god of the Earth)
  • Mihos. (lion-headed son of Bastet)
  • Pasht. (one other title for Bastet)
  • Ahmenhotet III. (Egyptian ruler who beloved cats)
  • Herodotus. (Greek historian who wrote about Egypt’s love of cats)
  • Bubastis. (Egyptian metropolis which housed Bastet’s temple)
  • Mafdet. (earliest recorded feline goddess)
  • Mau. (the divine cat, a reputation for the Egyptian Solar god Ra)
  • Pakhet. (lioness goddess of warfare)
  • Aladdin. (well-known Egyptian fencing grasp)
  • Sobek. (crocodile god)
  • Maat. (goddess of justice, order and reality)
  • Wadjet. (cobra goddess)
  • Anhur. (god of searching and warfare)