Chook Grooming and Cleansing – Normal Ideas & Recommendation

There’s no getting round it, birds are messy. Given an opportunity and the correct instruments, they maintain themselves clear and well-groomed, however you’ll want to scrub their cage.

Birds spend a median of a 3rd of their waking time preening and grooming themselves. If they’re flocking birds, as most pet birds are, they could groom one another, too. So long as they don’t seem to be actively pulling out their feathers (a potentially-dangerous situation referred to as ‘French moult’), this self-grooming is an efficient factor. The down and contour feathers are important defences towards the climate and different hazards, and the flight feathers should be in good condition for environment friendly flying. For many water birds, grooming additionally permits the animal to water-proof its coat so it will possibly each maintain heat within the water and keep away from uncontrolled sinking.

Protecting the hen’s house clear is your duty, nevertheless. This can be a fixed effort, because the cage must be cleaned on daily basis and the encompassing space will should be tended continuously. Nevertheless, it doesn’t should be troublesome. A little bit preventative upkeep can work wonders.


There are bird-baths made to be used inside hen cages, and there are some made to be used outdoors the cage. Select one that’s large enough to your hen to have a very good splash, however not so huge that he can have bother getting out once more. Most birds can’t swim.

For waterfowl, which may swim, make sure you present water that’s deep sufficient to dunk their faces and necks, as a result of that is how they clear their eyes and faces. For non-swimming birds, it’s most secure to supply baths solely underneath supervision and use heat (not sizzling!) water. Make sure the hen has sufficient to time to dry off earlier than bed-time, or he can get dangerously chilled.

A little bit ‘mutual preening’ is sweet, too. Scratch your hen together with your fingers to mimic a mutual preen. Scratch towards the lay of the feathers, although. In contrast to a cat or canine, birds don’t take pleasure in having their coats smoothed down towards their our bodies. Watch the hen’s physique language when you scratch.

Most birds have favorite scratchy spots, equivalent to a cheek or the again of the pinnacle or underneath the wing. Some, equivalent to cockatiels, dislike being touched on sure elements of their our bodies. If the hen leans right into a scratch, he most likely likes it. If he tries to get away or opens his beak at your finger, he desires you to cease.


Your hen’s droppings comprise what’s termed nitrogenous waste, identical to yours do. When it breaks down, it releases ammonia into the air. Ammonia is just not good to your hen’s lungs, or to your lungs, both. While you do a deep-down cleansing of the hen cage, transfer the birds into one other room, of their carrying cage, till the ammonia has been aired out. If there’s a considerable amount of dried bird-dropping to scrub up, there might be a powerful ammonia odor by the point you’re completed. To your personal sake, open a window or get a fan going when you work.

The most secure cleansing merchandise to make use of for cleansing the cage and the toys are diluted vinegar and the assorted enzyme-based cleaners which can be bought in pet shops and supermarkets. Enzyme-based cleaners go by such names as Nature’s Miracle, Poop-Off, and Poo-B-Gone. All of them work on the identical foundation, utilizing enzymes to interrupt down the natural matter.

You probably have different pets or babies, you’ll discover that these cleaners are additionally nice for getting out different stains and odours from carpets.


The meals and water dishes should be cleaned recurrently. Dry pellet dispensers may be washed a pair occasions per week. Water and damp-food dishes must be washed twice a day. For nectar-eaters, wash the dishes each time the hen has been fed.

You’ll additionally discover that it’s a lot simpler you probably have a number of dishes to alter out, to keep away from washing dishes a number of occasions a day. Any gentle dish washing cleaning soap is appropriate, and most hen dishes may be washed in a dishwasher, additionally.

The brief model right here is: For those who wouldn’t eat out of it, it’s too soiled to make use of to your pet hen.


Don’t hassle attempting to litter-train a hen. It gained’t work. Some parrots have realized to poo by straining as laborious as they will, as a result of they’ve realized that they are going to be let loose to play in the event that they do their enterprise of their cages, however this isn’t actually a wholesome factor for a parrot to aim. Most different kinds of pets birds don’t even have the bodily functionality of controlling once they go.

Spreading newsprint or paper towels underneath the hen’s favorite perches will catch many of the droppings. This can, in flip, save your rugs and flooring. The cages for some varieties of birds (parrots and finches, largely) have a tray underneath a wire ground. The tray may be pulled out. For those who line the tray with paper towel or newsprint, many of the discarded meals and many of the droppings will land on the paper. It is going to be straightforward to take away, and there’s much less scrubbing so that you can do.

Clearly, the paper methodology gained’t work in an aviary or on the underside of a cage with a stable ground. On this scenario, the birds will merely decide on the paper, and are more likely to make themselves sick. Strong flooring merely should be scrubbed.


Cleanliness is vital for the hen’s consolation and well being, and likewise to your personal consolation and well being. Ten or fifteen minutes a day will maintain your hen cages clear. It should take extra time for giant aviaries and dovecotes. The trouble is value it, although, as a result of the result’s a more healthy hen and a extra comfy you.