3 Month Previous Kitten – Feeding, Care, And What To Anticipate

3 month old kitten

Your 3 month previous kitten may need been in your house for a month now, however they might even have simply arrived. Our beautiful Billy had been dwelling for 4 weeks by the point he turned 3 months previous, and had his ginger paws firmly underneath the desk. He was energetic, playful and always on the lookout for one thing to cover inside or bat off the desk. He was additionally fairly small, weighing round 3lbs and searching very slim and limby! Though all kittens are totally different, there are many milestones {that a} 3 month previous kitten ought to have met. And many duties for you, their human household, to do to assist them progress and turn into a contented, wholesome cat.


3 Month Previous Kitten – Prepared To Come Residence?

All kittens ought to stick with their mother till they’re 8 weeks (2 months) previous, which is the minimal age they will be part of a brand new dwelling. Most rescue shelters will launch kittens at this age, to make room for brand new cats that want their care. Quite a lot of dwelling breeders will launch kittens at this age too. However some could insist on preserving their litter at dwelling till 12 weeks previous as a substitute. For pedigree breeders who present their cats, this provides them longer to evaluate which kitten is almost definitely to be present high quality after they develop up. In different phrases, which one they’re going to maintain.

So at 3 months previous, a kitten would possibly already be fairly established in your house. And also you could be studying this text to seek out out what’s developing subsequent. Otherwise you could be bringing them dwelling for the primary time at 3 months previous, and questioning what to anticipate. There are execs and cons to being in both place.

2 month previous kitten vs 3 month previous kitten: which age is greatest to deliver dwelling?

At 8 weeks previous, a kitten is still within the socialization period. This is a crucial stage of their emotional improvement, when they’re most open to forming optimistic associations with new issues. At round 9 weeks, the socialization interval closes, and kittens usually tend to react fearfully to new issues. If a kitten remains to be with their breeder at 9 weeks previous, they could miss out on socialization to vital facets of your property. For instance, when you’ve got a canine, however the breeder doesn’t.

However, research point out that kittens who stick with their mother till they’re 12 weeks previous are much less prone to behave aggressively in the direction of strangers, and fewer prone to carry out irregular repetitive behaviors, similar to extreme grooming. Kittens who attend veterinary appointments with their siblings till they’re 12 weeks previous additionally are usually much less burdened by future visits to the veterinarian too.

So, there is no such thing as a completely proper or incorrect plan of action. However if you’re planning to deliver your kitten dwelling at 3 months previous, it’s clever to speak to their breeder about what socialisation they are going to do whereas the kitten is of their care.

3 month old kitten

What Does A 3 Month Previous Kitten Look Like?

At 3 months previous, or roughly 12 weeks, kittens are nonetheless tiny and cute, however their child seems to be are progressively beginning to give strategy to extra adult-like options. Let’s check out what bodily milestones to look out for right now.


Kittens’ eyes, which had been blue after they had been born, have reached their grownup colour by 3 months previous, and are unlikely to alter any additional. You’ll most likely discover that they appear very totally different relying on how vibrant it’s although. Not simply because the pupil contracts to slender slits or dilates to large circles, however as a result of the quantity of sunshine refracting by the iris can subtly change the colour we see them as.

The standard of their eyesight remains to be bettering and never fairly full at 3 months previous. It received’t attain peak effectivity in all ranges of sunshine till they’re about 4 months previous.


A kitten ought to have all 26 deciduous (child) tooth by 3 months previous, and a few of them would possibly even have began to be pushed out by the everlasting grownup tooth beneath. This course of continues for 3 or 4 months, till all 30 grownup tooth have come by.

During times of intense teething, your kitten would possibly drool quite a bit, and develop into irritable and delicate to dealing with. You may assist them out by offering appropriate toys to chew on – however not ones that are too onerous, as these can lead to damaged tooth. A teething kitten’s breath may also tackle a bit extra odor than normal, which is regular and normally passes as soon as all of the grownup tooth have absolutely erupted.


3 month previous kittens nonetheless have their ‘kitten coat’, which is finer, softer, and fewer shiny than their grownup coat. They’ll grasp on to it till the onset of puberty at round 6 months previous, so get pleasure from it whereas it lasts!

How Large Is A 3 Month Previous Kitten?

The dimensions of a 3 month previous kitten relies upon partly upon their breed. Massive cat breeds, similar to Maine Coons and Norwegian Forest cats, have bigger kittens than small breeds similar to Siamese cats and Singapuras. And huge breed kittens are inclined to develop sooner too.

As a really, very, free rule of thumb, a 3 month previous kitten weighs about 3 kilos. However they will weigh as little as 2 kilos or as a lot as 4 kilos too. Your vet will allow you to monitor their weight throughout this time, and advise you in the event that they weigh an excessive amount of, or too little.

3 Month Previous Kitten Habits

As your kitten grows and will get extra coordinated, you’ll additionally discover they sleep much less, and spend extra time exploring and enjoying. In the event that they met a lot of individuals and encountered all the traditional family sights and sounds through the socialization interval, it’s probably they’ll be exploring their new dwelling and interacting with you with confidence and swagger. If their nest was saved remoted through the socialisation interval, then a 3 month previous cat becoming a member of a brand new dwelling for the primary time would possibly discover loads of issues in it horrifying.

Play time

When you’ve adopted a pair of sibling kittens, then between 3 months and 4 months previous you’ll discover that they begin to play with one another much less. Social play between cats is uncommon after 4 months previous, so seize some cute movies of it whereas it’s nonetheless occurring! They’ll keep keen on toys lengthy after they cease enjoying with one another although.

Specifically, they are going to get pleasure from practising their predator expertise, by stalking, searching, and ‘killing’ inanimate objects. However, you would possibly discover that pleasure turns into frustration after enjoying for some time. That is especially common in cats who were weaned early, and the frustration stems from the truth that the ‘hunt’ doesn’t finish in meals. Swapping their toy for a number of edible treats after a interval of play may also help the sport finish on a candy observe, fairly than a bitter one.

It’s additionally a good suggestion to construct up a group of toys, and get them out in rotation, so that they maintain their novelty enchantment.

Caring For Your 3 Month Previous Kitten

So we’ve came upon all there’s to find out about your 3 month previous cat’s bodily and psychological improvement. Listed below are a number of extra stuff you’ll must do to offer your kitten with the very best care:


The ultimate pictures within the core kitten vaccination schedule fall due between 12 to 14 weeks. These vaccines defend kittens in opposition to feline viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia. Your kitten may need additionally begun a collection of non-obligatory vaccinations in opposition to feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus. When you already owned your kitten after they had their final set of pictures, your veterinarian will let you know precisely when this remaining set falls due. In any other case, your breeder will be capable to let you know.

Occupied with spaying and neutering

When you haven’t already completed so, it is a good time to speak to your veterinarian about your spay/neuter intentions, and schedule surgical procedure for the long run. Over 3 million undesirable cats enter rescue shelters in the US yearly. Spaying or neutering pet cats is important to curbing that development. Historically, cats have been spayed or neutered round 6 months previous. However to keep away from unintentional pregnancies earlier than then, vets more and more advocate neutering by 4 months previous – before the onset of puberty.

Inside or outdoors?

You’ll most likely have a transparent concept of whether or not your cat goes to be an indoor cat or an outside cat earlier than you get them. And if you happen to introduced them dwelling at 8 weeks previous, 3 months previous is in regards to the time you can begin letting them discover outdoors for the primary time. (When you purchased them dwelling later, wait till they’ve had 4 weeks to settle in.)

Earlier than they depart, make sure that they’re absolutely vaccinated. They need to have a collar with their contact particulars on, and ideally be microchipped. Plan to allow them to out for the primary time at a quiet time of day. You may even use a harness and leash to allow them to discover. Then they will familiarize themselves together with your space, with out the concern of them getting misplaced.

How a lot to feed 3 month previous kitten

It’s probably your 3 month previous kitten will nonetheless be consuming the meals they had been weaned on to by the breeder. When you’d fairly feed them one thing else, you’ll be able to transition them onto another age-appropriate food plan. Do that over the course of per week, by progressively growing the proportion of the brand new meals in every meal. For business moist and dry diets, observe the portion sizes on the packing. When you’re nervous your kitten isn’t gaining weight rapidly sufficient, or is gaining weight too rapidly, ask your vet to evaluate them and advise. Keep in mind, you’ll must deduct any energy served as coaching treats from their common meals.

Coaching Your 3 Month Previous Cat

What’s this about coaching a cat? Effectively, there’s nonetheless tons your younger cat has to be taught at this age. Listed below are some concepts to have interaction their maturing minds:

  • Everytime you play together with your cat, at all times use a toy fairly than enjoying with naked palms, so that they be taught what sort of issues are acceptable to scratch and chunk.
  • Spend money on some puzzle feeding toys to problem their drawback fixing expertise.
  • Arrange scratch posts close to excessive site visitors areas in your house. When you catch your cat scratching elsewhere, choose them up and put them down by the scratch publish. Or, relocate the scratch publish nearer to the place they’re making an attempt to mark.
  • Introduce them to being dealt with for medical examinations and grooming. Gently contact their lips, ears, toes, tail, paws and so forth, adopted instantly by a deal with. Solely work on this for a minute or much less at a time.
  • It’s additionally a good suggestion to get them used to travelling in a pet provider. Depart the provider out with some treats for them to seek out, and shutting the door briefly, with out truly taking them anyplace.

What was your kitten like at 3 months previous? Share your tales within the feedback field down beneath!